I believe everyone deserves safety and the opportunities to pursue what makes them satisfied and happy. Through 25+ years of professional counseling experience, I have helped numerous people through their journey of healing from the past and learning to live the kind of life they wanted. My professional experiences have included clinical supervision, working in private practice, community mental health agencies, adult inpatient treatment, residential settings, working with foster/adoptive families, and conducting mental health evaluations for the Probate Court.

I specialize in working with adult survivors of narcissistic parents and other childhood abuses. I recognize that each person has their own history, their own fears, and also their own dreams. I take a personal approach in working with each of my clients and address the individual concerns that are a priority as identified by each person. I help individuals resolve issues of grief/loss, depression, anxiety, and adjusting to major life transitions. I help people that were raised in dysfunctional families or experienced other kinds of trauma, to understand their responses to the trauma, and to develop healthier behaviors and improved self-care. I truly enjoy helping others identify their feelings and develop healthier behaviors in their relationships in their own self-care.

I am a graduate of Murray State University and Troy University. Originally from Ohio, I have made the Montgomery area my home during the past 30 years. I enjoy the summers and the mostly warmer winters. I also enjoy being outside during most any season, spending time with my family, and playing with my grandchildren. I enjoy my cats and my dog, and deciding what flowers to plant each year.